New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Media Technology

Incredible....absolutely incredible!  It is bittersweet knowing that our seniors only have a few weeks left of the school year but also seeing the high-quality images they are producing (and for good measure there are a couple of juniors and a sophomore included as well!).

This is a smaller-than-usual gallery of photographs but one of the most stunning to date!

Sit back, browse, and enjoy!!!

(you should click on the images to view at a larger resolution, really, you should!!)

 Madison Meseke, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Grace Cole, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Kiela Griffus, junior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

 Vanessa Hogg, senior          Media Technology, HDR concentration

 Jasmine Lang, senior          Media Technology, Nature concentration

 Mariea Hilton, senior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

 Hannah Bronaugh, senior          Media Technology, Digital Manipulation concentration

 Riley Zook, sophomore          Digital Photography 2, Alternative Photographic Technique project

 Will Noble, senior          Digital Photography 2, Self Portrait project

 Aly Rumbley, junior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

Octavion Johnson, senior          Media Technology, Color concentration

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ShaMecha Simms said...

The colors!!! Just wow!!!


--Ms. Simms