New Work: Digital Photography 1

Topeka West's Digital Photography 1 students are really beginning to find their groove as they continue to capture, edit, and print more photographs.  It truly is amazing how quickly the semester starts to speed by once the students are done with lecture, have passed their photography exam, and begin to start shooting images!  It's almost May!!

Hopefully, the students will continue to shoot images on their phones over the summer to keep up the skills they learned from this semester's class!!

But, for now, please enjoy this next gallery of work from Digital Photography 1!

(and, as always, if you know the students please let them know that you viewed their image on the blog OR click each image to view at a larger resolution.)

 Jacob Blindt, sophomore

 Annaleeza Stenti, junior

 Kiara Johnson, sophomore

 Megan Shambow, sophomore

 Elliot Mehrens, junior

 Anthony Thomas, sophomore

 Tiana Claspill, sophomore

 Lawanda Mayfield, sophomore

 Gabe Dobler, sophomore

 Elijah Umschied-Houser, senior

 Hannah Fox, sophomore

 Mashaila Mattox, junior

 Hunter McDaniel, sophomore

 Mallory Fletchall, sophomore

 DayShaun Nino, junior

 MacKenzie Carver, sophomore

 Anthony Whitt, sophomore

 Armany Suarez, sophomore

 Dalton Morgan, sophomore

Kylee Niccoli, junior

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