UPDATE: 2017 Kansans...As Talented As You Think! High School Art Competition

The final judging has been completed in the Kansans...As Talented As You Think! high school art competition.  If you recall from a previous post, Topeka West seniors Jasmine Lang and Christian Brown had their images selected as finalists in the competition.

Just the other day I received an email stating that Jasmine's photography, Big Wheels Keep On Turning, has been chosen as the winner in the Black and White Photography category!

Jasmine Lang, senior          Big Wheels Keep On Turning (Black/White Photography category winner)

And, immediately after reading that email another one arrived stating that Christian's photo, Chinese New Year, had won the Color Photography category!!

Christian Brown, senior          Chinese New Year (Color Photography category winner)

Jasmine and Christian will be recognized as the winners of their respective categories (and awarded a $100 scholarship!) at the Native Sons and Daughters Kansas Day Banquet the evening of January 27th at the Maner Conference Center.

Allow me to extend a huge thank you to Jasmine, Christian, and all of the other students who participated in this competition!!

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