New Work: Digital Photography 1

The fall semester has come to an end and WOW what another fantastic finish with the Digital Photography 1 students!!  Between the three sections of Digital Photography 1 this semester almost 1200 images were printed.  Many of our students created some of their best images within just the past few weeks and, as always, it is extremely difficult to narrow it down to a selection of 30.

Please enjoy this last post of the semester and I hope you are continuing to look forward to the images created by the Spring semester students as they begin to create!

(And, as always, feel free to tell our students that you viewed their work on the blog and click on the images to view them in a larger slideshow.)

 Carlos Lucio, junior

 Karen Barrios Molina, senior

 Kaden Bolze, sophomore

 Kyler Silver, senior

 Taber Schrock, sophomore

 Madison Stratman, sophomore

 Justin Judy, senior

 Trevor Morrow, sophomore

 Caden Sell, sophomore

 Kayla Gonzalez, sophomore

 Eli Perez, sophomore

 Cole Bleakley, senior

 Andrea Pagan, junior

 Tulsa Ragnhall, senior

 Alyssa Rogers, junior

 Aubrey Wilson, sophomore

 Trevon Stewart, sophomore

 Maya O'Conner, sophomore

 Jasmine Miller, sophomore

 Jenna Gorton, sophomore

 Kiela Griffus, junior

 Blake Hartke, senior

 Elisia Frye, sophomore

 Riley Zook, sophomore

 Aaron Rak, senior

 Marzia Bonetti, junior

 Kevin Corona-Maciel, sophomore

 Garrett Miller, sophomore

 William Hale, sophomore

Ta'Nysha Mackey, sophomore


ShaMecha Simms said...

Wonderful pieces everyone! I've really enjoyed watching your work over the last semester!

--Ms. Simms

Irma Villadiego said...

Wonderful artistic talent.