New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Media Technology

Unbelievably, the end of the fall semester is already here and students are finishing up projects/finals in all of their classes!  The Media Technology and Digital Photography 2 have completed their last critique and (WOW!) what a show it was!!  I was especially impressed with the strong images produced by the Media Technology students....but all of the advanced students are consistently creating some magnificent photography!!

Please enjoy this last gallery of the semester from Media Tech and Digital Photography 2.  But don't despair...more incredible photography will coming during the spring semester!!

 Regan Neeley, senior          Media Technology, Human Nature concentration

 Nick Burgess, junior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Madison Stratman, junior           Media Technology, Black & White concentration

 Abram Munoz, senior          Digital Photography 2, HDR project 

 Elliot Mehrens, senior          Digital Photography 2, Alternative Photographic Process project

 Eli Perez, junior          Media Technology, HDR concentration

 Andrea Pagan, senior          Media Technology, Black & White concentration 

 Gabe Dobler, junior          Digital Photography 2, Alternative Photographic Process project

 Kari Patron, junior          Digital Photography 2, HDR project

 Collin Werner, senior          Media Technology, Architecture concentration

 DayShaun Nino, senior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

Carlos Lucio, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration


2018 Kansans...As Talented As You Think! High School Art Competition

Please extend a huge congratulations to seniors Elliot Mehrens, Andrea Pagan, and Collin Werner whose photographs were selected as finalists in the 2018 Kansans...As Talented As You Think! high school art competition!

Elliot's image, Color Splash, is a finalist in the Mixed Media category while Andrea's image, Anemomenophobia, and Collin's image, Ke Kikowaena, are finalists in the Black & White Photography category.

One winner from each of the eight categories will be awarded a $100 scholarship and Best of Show, chosen from among all category finalists, will receive a $300 scholarship!

Their photographs (shown below) will be displayed at the Native Son's and Daughter's Kansas Day Banquet on January 26, 2018. 

Congratulations Elliot, Andrea, and Collin!!! 

 Elliot Mehrens, senior          Color Splash (Mixed Media category finalist)

 Andrea Pagan, senior          Anemomenophobia (Black & White Photography category finalist)

Collin Werner, senior          Ke Kikowaena (Black & White Photography category finalist)


New Work: Digital Photography 1

It has been a quick semester with the Digital Photography 1 students.  But, as always, I have been pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of incredible and creative images that they have been producing over the past several weeks!!

Please enjoy this gallery of 30 images created by our wonderful students and, as always, feel free to click on any photograph to view at a higher resolution.  And, if you have them in class, tell them that you viewed their image on the Topeka West Photosynthesis blog!!

 Andrew Cole, junior

 Ashley Blenden, senior

 Lilly Melkus, sophomore

 Hugo Gonzalez, sophomore

 Dakota McLaughlin, junior

 Sadie Cadwell, junior

 Reese Edmonds, sophomore

 Kamiyah Carr, junior

 Kaleb Ayers, senior

 Eli Smith, junior

 Marcus Smith, sophomore

 Brandon Treglio, junior

 Kenton Morris, sophomore

 Hailey Zimmerman, sophomore

 Daitsy Olivas, junior

 Shawn Martin, junior

 Darianna Lolar, sophomore

 Laryn Wilson, senior

 Oscar Zapata, sophomore

 Sydnee Proctor, sophomore

 Tatum Gentry, sophomore

 Aunna Sanchez-Day, junior

 Peyton Link, sophomore

 Caleb Jennings, junior

 Jade Kern, sophomore

 Morgan Kuhn, sophomore 

 Taylor Overstreet, sophomore

 Kaitlyn Shima, sophomore

 Jasmyne Lee, sophomore

Raine Thompson, sophomore


New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Media Technology

Critique #3 has come and gone and the students in Digital Photography 2 and Media Technology are looking ahead to their final critiques of the semester!  The students are creating some unbelievably creative and technically superior images.  For example, the first image (created by senior Jared Freed) is a self portrait shot on video with his iPhone and a single frame was pulled from the video.  And the portrait of a young girl with earmuffs was shot by senior Regan Neeley of her sister when we had our first brief snow of the season on Halloween.

I am always continually proud of our students at Topeka West and the extreme effort that they put into their art work!!  Enjoy this gallery, and, as always, feel free to click on any image to view at a larger resolution and tell the students (if you have them in class) that you viewed their images on the  blog!!

 Jared Freed, senior          Media Technology, HDR concentration

 Andrea Pagan, senior          Media Technology, Black & White concentration

 Gabe Dobler, junior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Nick Burgess, junior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Collin Werner, senior          Media Technology, Architecture concentration 

 Caden Sell, junior           Digital Photography 2, Alternative Photographic Technique project

 Pablo Avila-Munoz, junior          Digital Photography 2, Abstract project

 Regan Neeley, senior          Media Technology, Human Nature concentration 

 Taber Schrock, junior          Media Technology, HDR concentration   

 Carlos Lucio, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration 

 Madison Stratman, junior          Media Technology, Black & White concentration 

 Eli Perez, junior          Media Technology, HDR concentration 

Genson Simecka, senior          Media Technology, Architecture concentration