2017 Kansans...As Talented As You Think! High School Art Competition

Please extend a huge congratulations to seniors Christian Brown and Jasmine Lang whose photographs were selected as finalists in the 2017 Kansans...As Talented As You Think! high school art competition!

Christian's image, Chinese New Year, is a finalist in the Color Photography category while Jasmine's image, Big Wheels Keep On Turning, is a finalist in the Black & White Photography category.

One winner from each of the eight categories will be awarded a $100 scholarship and Best of Show, chosen from among all category finalists, will receive a $300 scholarship!

Their photographs (shown below) will be displayed at the Native Son's and Daughter's Kansas Day Banquet on January 29, 2017.  

Congratulations Christian and Jasmine!!!

Christian Brown, senior          Chinese New Year (Color Photography category finalist)

Jasmine Lang, senior          Big Wheels Keep On Turning (Black/White Photography category finalist)


New Work: Digital Photography 1

This semester's Digital Photography 1 students are definitely hitting their stride with just a couple of weeks left before Winter Break!  Prepare to be amazed while perusing this latest gallery of 30 new images produced by our beginning students!!

(and, as always, feel free to click on any image to view it at a larger size and don't forget to let our students know that you viewed their images on the Photosynthesis blog!!)

 Marzia Bonetti, junior

 Lauryn Davis, senior

 Matt Herman, junior

 Carlos Lucio, junior

 Kiela Griffus, junior

 Amber Kuebler, sophomore

 Brittany Lancaster, senior

 Andrew Valenzuela, sophomore

 Danielle Cole, senior

 Kasay Koontz, junior

 Erika Hazelwood, junior

 Aaron Rak, senior

 Ellie Cutler, sophomore

Joe Jacobson, sophomore

 Peyton Newby, junior

 Braedyn Lee, junior

 Taber Schrock, sophomore

 Izel Arzate, sophomore

 Kija Kahre, sophomore

 Hailey Howland, sophomore

 Blake Hartke, senior

 Quintin Hamilton, junior

 Lourdes Flores, senior

 Cameron Aldape, sophomore

 Kyler Silver, senior

 Lakiya Lyles-Jenious, sophomore

 Tanner Besenyi, sophomore

 Cheyenne Whyte, sophomore

 Riley Zook, sophomore

Madison Stratman, sophomore