New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Media Technology

Just prior to Thanksgiving break the Digital Photography 2 and Media Technology classes participated in their third critique of the semester.  Many times some of the best images of the semester are presented at this critique.  Students are really on a roll and not yet freaking out about the end of the semester!

Once again I present to you 14 images created by many extremely talented photographers!  The highest levels of creativity and the wide-ranging experimentation in the field of photography (from darkroom techniques to film photography to long-exposure photography) are certainly evident in this outstanding gallery.  Please enjoy!!

(and don't forget to click on images to view them at a larger resolution!!)

 Breanna Rose, senior          Digital Photography 2, Alt. Photo. Technique project (photogram)

 Octavion Johnson, senior          Media Technology, Friends & Family concentration

 Nick Ketter, senior          Media Technology, HDR concentration

 Madison Meseke, senior          Media Technology, Low Light concentration

 Mitch Edmonds, senior          Media Technology, Cityscapes concentration

 Jasmine Lang, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Brittany Lopez, senior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

 Christian Brown, senior          Media Technology, People concentration

 Grace Cole, senior          Media Technology, Kansas concentration

 Rosalyn Taylor, senior          Digital Photography 2, Abstract project

 Natasha Leibold, junior          Digital Photography 2, Letters & Numbers project

 Jonathan Juarez, senior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Vanessa Hogg, senior            Media Technology, Colors concentration

Mikaela Hanson, senior          Media Technology, Abstract concentration


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