New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Media Technology

First off, thank you for taking the time to browse through Topeka West's first Photosynthesis gallery of the semester.  All of the photography students greatly appreciate your support, especially when you let them know that you viewed their images on the blog!

Secondly, yes...it's official.  Like the headphone port on the newest iPhone, the course title of Advanced Photography is gone.  The Advanced Photography class is now called Media Technology: Workplace Experience and is a year-long course (whereas Advanced Photography had always been a semester course).  Students are still encouraged to begin their photographic studies with Digital Photography 1 and Digital Photography 2.  Then they can enroll in Media Technology and gain real-world experience working on their photography portfolio and extra-curricular projects created by myself and/or other faculty members.

Please take a moment from your hectic work day, breathe easy, and enjoy the following gallery...you'll be glad you did!!

 Christian Brown, senior          Media Technology, People concentration

 Nicholas Ketter, senior          Media Technology, HDR concentration

 Rosalyn Taylor, senior          Digital Photography 2, Nature project

 Grace Cole, senior          Media Technology, Kansas concentration

 Vanessa Hogg, senior          Media Technology, Color concentration

 Madison Meseke, senior          Media Technology, Low Light concentration

 Mikaela Hanson, senior          Media Technology, Abstract concentration 

 Haley Grissett, junior          Media Technology, Perspective concentration

 Jonathan Juarez, senior          Digital Photography 2, Nature project

 Jasmine Lang, senior          Media Technology, Portraits concentration

 Tanner Skrdlant, junior          Digital Photography 2, Abstract project

 Mitch Edmonds, senior          Media Technology, Cityscapes concentration

Civana Patterson, senior          Media Technology, Vintage concentration