New Work: Digital Photography 1

Here it is!

This is it!

The last post on the Photosynthesis blog for this school year.  I thought we should wrap up the spring semester with twenty-five pieces from the Digital Photography 1 students, who, hopefully, will be eager to continue shooting in Digital Photography 2 in the fall!

Enjoy the gallery and enjoy your summer!

 Laken Jennings, junior

 Robert Smith, sophomore

 Makaila Cowdin, sophomore

 Fabian Hernandez, sophomore

 Chase Cropper, senior

 Keegan Schleuning, sophomore

 Nayeli Galicia-Hernandez, sophomore

 Trey Irwin, sophomore

 Dylan Tidwell, sophomore

 Francisca Rodriguez, sophomore

 Gabriella Adams, sophomore

 Daniel Panuco, sophomore

 Tanner Skrdlant, sophomore

 Alex Crowl, sophomore

 Spencer West, junior

 Dawson Tauer, sophomore

 Tenzin Haight, junior

 Laura Lopez, sophomore

 Regan Neeley, sophomore

 Leslie Rodriguez, sophomore

 Rachel Wooten, sophomore

 Yannick Robinson, senior

 Aly Rumbley, sophomore

 Arianna Halladay, junior

Damien Riley, sophomore


2016 Seniors: Farewell

A huge THANK YOU to the 2016 graduating seniors (from both Digital Photography 2 and Advanced Photography) that helped to make Topeka West the most talented, creative, and fantastic photography program in northeast Kansas!!  

Many of you have viewed these wonderful pieces of art before, others are seeing it for the first time.  Either way, these are fantastic images and even more fantastic students!  As they move on into their careers and adult lives I hope all keep photography close at hand.

Enjoy the gallery!!

 Thaina Austin          Digital Photography 2

 Dante Banks          Advanced Photography

 Dakota Bean          Digital Photography 2

 Samantha Cabrera          Digital Photography 2

 Mirsa Campos          Digital Photography 2

 Kaylie Collins          Digital Photography 2

 Brittany Cooper          Advanced Photography

 Hannah Garrard          Digital Photography 2

 Sydney Haugh          Digital Photography 2

 Rider Heymans          Digital Photography 2

 Emily Hodge          Digital Photography 2

 Emily Jacobson          Digital Photography 2

 Jaden Juno          Advanced Photography

 Adriana Lane          Advanced Photography

 Taylor Martinak          Digital Photography 2

 Camille Parman          Digital Photography 2

 Rylan Prieb          Advanced Photography 

 Brooke Province          Advanced Photography

 McKenna Sawyer          Digital Photography 2

 Joshua Scheck          Digital Photography 2

 Chase Schulman          Advanced Photography

Marisol Tolan          Advanced Photography