2016 Congressional High School Art Competition

For the past 5 years the Topeka West photography program has entered pieces to the Congressional High School Art Competition that is sponsored by Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins.  And for the past 5 years Topeka West has consistently placed in the top four places!

I am pleased to announce that once again a Topeka West photographer has placed in the top 4...and that student is senior Adriana Lane who received 2nd place for her panorama titled A Day at the K!! Congratulations Adriana!!

Adriana Lane, senior          A Day at the K, 2nd Place

Additionally, the top 30 pieces are currently showcased on Congresswoman Jenkins' Facebook page and visitors may vote for their favorite online piece.  Topeka West students that have been selected for the top 30 are:

Emma Bell (who had 2 pieces selected!), junior
Christian Brown, junior
Adriana Lane, senior
Rylan Prieb, senior
Brooke Province, senior

Please visit Lynn Jenkins' Facebook page -----> HERE  and vote for your favorite piece from the 2016 Congressional High School Art Competition online gallery!!

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