New Work: Digital Photography 1

Alright!  A new batch of Digital Photography 1 students have completed their trial by fire by passing their photography 1 exam and capturing images on the Topeka West campus and around the Topeka area.

As always, I am very proud to share these freshly-edited images with you and hope that you take the time to browse through the gallery and share our blog with other students, friends, and family! And if you recognize any of the student names feel free to give them a high five in class.  They'd appreciate the kudos.

Enjoy the gallery!

 Spencer West, junior

 Tenzin Haight, junior

 Yannick Robinson, senior

 Mikhayla Murray, sophomore

 Francisca Rodriquez, sophomore

 Jarred Poort, sophomore

 Damien Riley, sophomore

 Tanner Skrdlant, sophomore

 Chris Ellis, sophomore

 Alyson Rumbley, sophomore

 Ian McCall, junior

 Regan Neeley, sophomore

 Max Brewer, junior

 Alex Crowl, sophomore

 Trey Irwin, sophomore

 Marvelle Yates, sophomore

 Mariea Hilton, junior

 Dylan Tidwell, sophomore

 Sydney Adame, sophomore

Rachel Wooten, sophomore

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