New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Advanced Photography

[This post is dedicated to our late friend, colleague, and a life-long
fan of the arts, Gail Kaiser.  You will be missed!]

Wow!!  Some semesters just come together at the right time...and the classes this semester are starting off with some of the most exceptional photographs produced this year!

With two Digital Photography 2 classes and a rather large Advanced Photography class I was expecting to view some pretty good images during this semester.  But most of the students have hit the ground running and the proof is posted below.  In fact, I told my Advanced Photography class after their first critique that I haven't sat through that strong of a first critique in over 5 years.  I am super-excited to share these images with you and hope you will share them your friends as well!  I am also looking forward to what our students will produce throughout the remainder of the semester.

Enjoy the gallery!!

 Brooke Province, senior          Advanced Photography, Portraits concentration

 Adriana Lane, senior          Advanced Photography, Panorama concentration

 Grace Cole, junior          Advanced Photography, Portraits concentration

 Christian Brown, junior          Advanced Photography, Low Light concentration

 Stacey Olson, sophomore           Digital Photography 2, Abstract project

 Sarah Smith, junior          Advanced Photography, Recreation concentration

 Chance Parker, junior          Advanced Photography, Sports concentration

 Ashley Brown, sophomore          Digital Photography 2, Letters & Numbers project

 Rider Heymans, senior          Digital Photography 2, HDR project

 Yulissa Ceja, sophomore          Digital Photography 2, Nature project

 Emma Bell, junior          Advanced Photography, Abstract concentration

 Chase Schulman, senior          Advanced Photography, HDR concentration

 Viktoria Schupp, junior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

 Mikaela Hanson, junior          Advanced Photography, Macro photography concentration

 Octavion Johnson, junior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Idely Alarcon, junior          Advanced Photography, Balance concentration

Dante Banks, senior          Advanced Photography, Colorization concentration

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