New Work: Digital Photography 1

Well...here we are!  It is actually Finals/Culminating Activities Week, or, what we call, the end of the semester.  The Digital Photography 1 students had a great semester, especially with the weather, and are finishing up their final projects this week.

What a way to end the semester with the largest gallery yet of Digital Photography 1 images!  30 photographs to leave you with inspiration and awe.

Please enjoy!!  (And have a fantastic Winter Break...I believe we all deserve it!!!)

Coban Gonzales, junior

 Viktoria Schupp, junior

 Ariana Austin, sophomore

 Breeanna Scott, sophomore

 Lidia Moreno, sophomore

 Emma Palmer, sophomore

 Collin Werner, sophomore

 Brandon Craig, senior

 Kentrell Warnow, sophomore

 Bailee Hanshaw, sophomore

 Sydney Watkins, junior

 Drew Williams, sophomore

 Hunter Locey, senior

 Madison Whitmer, sophomore

 Devon Hanna, senior

 Chaniyah Walker, junior

 Claire Perry, sophomore

 Sydnee Parsons, sophomore

 Natasha Leibold, sophomore

 Gabriel Mosqueda, sophomore

 Adam Bourne, junior

 Taylor Huff,  freshman

 Hunter Kado, sophomore

 Haley Grissett, sophomore

 O'Sheana Oates, junior

 Columba Herrera, sophomore

 Elda Flores, junior

 Jamie Hauser, senior

 Caleb Hatfield, sophomore

 Chloe Nold, sophomore

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