New Work: Digital Photography 1

Wow!  The Digital Photography 1 students are churning our work faster than I can post it!!  Quicker than I ever expected, the beginning students are ready to show off 25 new images created over the past few weeks.

Please, as always, enjoy this incredible gallery of photographs by our amazing students!

(Tip: Click on the pictures to enlarge.  Or, if your browser allows, view the images in a slideshow.)

 Sydney Watkins, junior

 Elda Flores, junior

 Destiny Leone, sophomore

 Alyssa Burlison, sophomore

 Coban Gonzales, junior

 Brandon Craig, senior

 Jeffrey Snook, sophomore

 Joshua Villanueva, sophomore

 Ariana Austin, sophomore

 Calista Esquer, sophomore

 Yulissa Ceja, sophomore

 Cassidy Kraus, sophomore

 O'Sheana Oates, junior

 Devon Hanna, senior

 Sydnee Parson, sophomore

 Viktoria Schupp, junior

 Brydget Miller, sophomore

 Ashley Brown, sophomore

 Kaylyne Duryea, sophomore

 Mackenzie Clawson, sophomore

 Maleigha Maag, sophomore

 Alexus Martin, sophomore

 Natasha Leibold, sophomore

 Kyle Sommers, senior

Tori Rickerson, sophomore



Leibold and Kraus +1

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