New Work: Digital Photography 1

This is the time during the semester that most of the Digital Photography 1 students are really getting on a roll.  They are out shooting images, editing photos, and creating finished pieces that they are really proud of!  Even though it has been less than a week, there is just too much good work being created that I couldn't wait to share it!

Please enjoy this short gallery with many more wonderful images on the way!!

 Lake Johnson, sophomore

 Kentrell Warnow, sophomore

 Sydnee Parsons, sophomore

 Darrien Landis, senior

 Jordan Freed, sophomore

 Calista Esquer, sophomore

 Claire Perry, sophomore

Tristan Reese, sophomore

Arieal Blackwell, sophomore

Ray Quigley, junior

Haley Grissett, sophomore

Stacey Olson, sophomore

Coban Gonzales, junior

Genson Simecka, sophomore

Tori Rickerson, sophomore

Hannah Bronaugh, junior

Alora Wilder, sophomore

Mykaela Appelhanz, sophomore

Natasha Leibold, sophomore

Ariana Austin, sophomore

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