New Work: Digital Photography 1

This is the time during the semester that most of the Digital Photography 1 students are really getting on a roll.  They are out shooting images, editing photos, and creating finished pieces that they are really proud of!  Even though it has been less than a week, there is just too much good work being created that I couldn't wait to share it!

Please enjoy this short gallery with many more wonderful images on the way!!

 Lake Johnson, sophomore

 Kentrell Warnow, sophomore

 Sydnee Parsons, sophomore

 Darrien Landis, senior

 Jordan Freed, sophomore

 Calista Esquer, sophomore

 Claire Perry, sophomore

Tristan Reese, sophomore

Arieal Blackwell, sophomore

Ray Quigley, junior

Haley Grissett, sophomore

Stacey Olson, sophomore

Coban Gonzales, junior

Genson Simecka, sophomore

Tori Rickerson, sophomore

Hannah Bronaugh, junior

Alora Wilder, sophomore

Mykaela Appelhanz, sophomore

Natasha Leibold, sophomore

Ariana Austin, sophomore


New Work: Digital Photography 1

It is finally here!  The first post of the new year for our Digital Photography 1 students!!  There are three large classes this year and they have been hard at work producing some amazing images.  Learning about the camera, editing images, and printing their photos takes about half the semester to do.  So, from here on out the Digital Photography 1 students will be shooting images to complete assignments and sharing them with you!

Thank you, as always, for your wonderful support with the photography program.  Topeka West Faculty & Staff:  if you have any of these students in your classes, let them know that you viewed their image on the Photosynthesis blog.  It would make their day!!

Enjoy the gallery!!

 Adam Bourne, junior

 Jaimee Hauser, senior

 Maleigha Maag, sophomore

 Kyle Sommers, senior

 Columba Herrera, sophomore

 Destiny Leone, sophomore

 Kentrell Warnow, sophomore

 Brandon Craig, senior

 Claire Perry, sophomore

 Hunter Locey, senior

 Alexus Robertson, sophomore

 Collin Werner, sophomore

 Haley Grissett, sophomore

 Caleb Hatfield, sophomore

 Devon Hanna, senior

 Neftaly Turrubiartes, sophomore

 Alyssa Burlison, sophomore

 Brendan Haugh, sophomore

 Sydney Watkins, junior

Bailee Hanshaw, sophomore


New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Advanced Photography

Can you believe it?  The semester is already half over!  And the Digital Photography 2 and Advanced Photography students have made it through their second critiques.  Their work is becoming stronger in style and their ideas are becoming more creative!!

As always, please enjoy this gallery of work...our students really appreciate all the fantastic kudos that you give to them about their images.

And...stay tuned for the first gallery of photographs from this semester's Digital Photography 1 students!!!

 Jordan Warnow, junior          Digital Photography 2, Colorization project

 Marisol Tolan, senior          Advanced Photography, Portraits concentration

 Cameron Gaudreau, junior          Digital Photography 2, HDR project

 Grace Cole, junior          Digital Photography 2, Letters & Numbers project

 Emma Bell, junior          Digital Photography 2, Abstract project

 Christian Brown, junior          Digital Photography 2, Nature project

 Idely Alarcon, junior          Advanced Photography, HDR concentration

 Rylan Prieb, senior          Advanced Photography, Yesteryear concentration

 Adriana Lane, senior          Advanced Photography, Macro photography concentration

 Brittany Cooper, senior          Advanced Photography, Selective Colorization concentration

 Hannah Watson, junior          Advanced Photography, Black & White concentration

Abby Miller, junior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project