New Work: Digital Photography 1

The Digital Photography 1 students, this spring semester, are certainly beginning to find their way around their cameras.  The snow is gone, the days are brightening, and these students are creating some spectacular images!!  Enjoy this small gallery of images from the hundreds that are created every week.  More will be coming...I promise!

 Mitchell Edmonds, sophomore

 Adriana Colbert, junior

 Zac Leone, sophomore

 Octavion Johnson, sophomore

 Emma Bell, sophomore

 Huyen Nguyen, senior

 Axel Olin, sophomore

 Roge Lagahid, sophomore

 Sarah Smith, sophomore

 Miquela Honie, sophomore

 Claire Sundbye, junior

 Danyal Alvi, junior

 Morgana Thompson, sophomore

 Will Noble, sophomore

 Dante Banks, junior

 Daija Mallory, junior

 Brittany Lopez, sophomore

 Melosa Tomlinson, sophomore

 Walker Ealy, senior

 Adrian Welch, junior

 Rebekah Jaques, senior

 Abby Miller, sophomore

 Madison Meseke, sophomore

 Jordan Warnow, sophomore

Parker Smith, sophomore

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