New Work: Digital Photography 1

The weather around Topeka West is finally warming up and the Digital Photography 1 students are beginning to get into the rhythm and creativity of shooting images for their spring semester projects!

Please enjoy this gallery of work from the two sections of Digital Photography 1.  Many more images from our students will be following during our last couple of months of school!!

 Josiphine Rivera, sophomore

 Anastasiya Grigoryeva, junior

 Will Noble, sophomore

 Claire Sundbye, junior

 Zac Leone, sophomore

 Huyen Nguyen, senior

 Jonathan Juarez, sophomore

 Alexis Kelly, junior

 Christian Brown, sophomore

 Mitchell Edmonds, sophomore

 Rhiannon Kincaid, sophomore

 Austin Ferguson, sophomore

 Axel Olin, sophomore

 Cameron Gaudreau, sophomore

 Diana Calderon, junior

 Nick Ketter, sophomore

 Abigail Miller, sophomore

 Melosa Tomlinson, sophomore

 Roge Lagahid, sophomore

 Natalie Graves, sophomore

 Caroline Beelman, sophomore

 Aspen Overley, sophomore

 Julia Jaques, junior

 Elena Valdes, sophomore

Domini'Que Byrd, sophomore


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