New Work: Digital Photography 1

The fall semester at Topeka West has come to an end and a new group of students are starting their journey to becoming photographers!  Let's start off this bitterly cold semester by showcasing a large gallery of images by last semester's Digital Photography 1 students as inspiration for this semester's students.  I look forward to displaying our students' photography for semesters to come!!

 Jodie Ladner, senior

 Mirsa Campos, junior

 Nathan Burkhart, sophomore

 Rosalyn Taylor, sophomore

 Sierra White, sophomore

 Iridian Morales, sophomore

 Tyray Bundy, sophomore

 Hunter Mandeville, junior

 Marisol Tolan, junior

 Rayne Lipshin, sophomore

 Chris Starr, sophomore

 Matthew Credeur, senior

 Lisa McGinty, sophomore

 Taleah Lucky, sophomore

 Idely Alarcon, sophomore

 Tayler North, senior

 Alexander Kuhn, junior

 Abel Zavala, sophomore

 Emily Anderson, sophomore

 Kaylie Collins, junior

 Lamar Terry, sophomore

 Jetta Floro, sophomore

 Marie Schelkle, junior

 Hannah Watson, sophomore

 Skylan Wagner, junior

 Vanessa Hogg, sophomore

 Hannah Brooks, senior

 Jett Terrill, sophomore

 Jeana Parra, sophomore

 Marisela Hartshorn, senior


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