New Work: Digital Photography 1

The end of the fall semester is nearing to a close and the Digital Photography 1 students are starting to feel the stresses of actual photographers:  deadlines, less-than-desirable weather conditions, and "creativity block".  This is the time when some of the most amazing images materialize!

Please enjoy this month's selection of twenty-five images from our digital photography students.  And, again, if you know any of these students or have them in your classes, let them know how much you liked their photos.  They'd greatly appreciate it!!

 Hannah Watson, sophomore

 Chris Starr, sophomore

 Jett Terrill, sophomore

 Kayla Delfs, sophomore

 Payton Lowrey, sophomore

 Kaylie Collins, junior

 Jodie Ladner, senior

 Hayley Henry, junior

 Rosalyn Taylor, sophomore

 Molly Willard, sophomore

 Emily Anderson, sophomore

 Tayler North, senior

 Alexis Brookhouser, sophomore

 Idely Alarcon, sophomore

 Catherine LaRue, junior

 Jetta Floro, sophomore

 Alexander Kuhn, junior

 Hailey Burke, sophomore

 Savannah Guy, sophomore

 Lamar Terry, sophomore

 Skylan Wagner, junior

 Mirsa Campos, junior

 Joshua Freerksen, sophomore

 Jasmine Lang, sophomore

Rayne Lipshin, sophomore



New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Advanced Photography

This semester is flying by so quickly!  The Digital Photography 2 and Advanced Photography students have already completed their third critique of the semester with only one more to go.  All of these wonderful students continue to create exceptional images and I am extremely proud to share this gallery of work.  Please feel free to say something to these students if you have them in class.  Everyone always appreciates the kudos!

Sydney Haugh, junior          Digital Photography 2, Digital Manipulation project

 Josh Scheck, junior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Christina Morrissey, senior          Advanced Photography, Landscapes concentration

 Conner O'Brien, senior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Makayla Auldridge, senior          Portraits concentration

 Vanessa Sastoque, senior          Advanced Photography, Depth of Field concentration

 Drew Dahm, senior          Digital Photography 2, Abstract project
 Alex Gourlay, senior          Advanced Photography, Black & White concentration

Courtney Watkins, senior          Digital Photography 2, HDR project

 Brady Teneyck, senior          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Taylor Martinak, junior          Digital Photography 2, Digital Manipulation project

 Brianna, LaPerle, senior          Advanced Photography, Nature concentration

Sean Trail, senior          Advanced Photography, Portraits concentration