New Work: Digital Photography 1

Now that the Digital Photography 1 students are already half-way through the Fall Semester they are rolling right along with their projects.  They are gaining confidence in the compositions of their images and with their editing techniques.  I believe that this gallery of photographs will show the creativity and work ethic of our young up-and-coming photographers.  Enjoy!!

 Tayler North, senior

 Jett Terrill, sophomore

 Kyler Owens, senior

 Jodie Ladner, senior

 Catherine LaRue, junior

 Leah Tyree, senior

 Jetta Floro, sophomore

 Stuart Morris, senior

 Hayley Henry, junior

 Rosalyn Taylor, sophomore

 Kay-Z Lightbourn, sophomore

 Mallory Scott, sophomore

 Hannah Watson, sophomore

 Isabella Carazzai, junior

 Breana Tiffany, sophomore

 Emily Anderson, sophomore

 Sierra White, sophomore

 Roxana Raygoza, sophomore

 Idely Alarcon, sophomore

 Mirsa Campos, junior

 Iridian Morales, sophomore

 Jesse Johansen, sophomore

 Kristian Harry, sophomore

 Destiny Cramer, senior

 Marisol Tolan, junior

 Tyray Bundy, sophomore

 Amanda Harvey, sophomore

 Civana Patterson, sophomore

 Payton Lowrey, sophomore

Brittany Duryea, sophomore


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