New Work: Digital Photography 1

Go ahead.  Prepare yourself.  There are going to be a ton of amazing images this semester coming out of the three Digital Photography 1 classes!!

I was a bit worried last year when I learned that the bell schedule at Topeka West would be changing.  I was concerned that the Digital Photography 1 students would not have enough time to travel off campus to capture the wonderful images that so many have created in the past.  So far the shorter class periods have not been a deterrent.  As shown by the gallery of 25 images below our students continue to excel in both skill and creativity creating beautiful images with the limited time that they have in class!  I hope you enjoy viewing the students' work and please let them know what a great job they are doing when you see them in your classes!

 Jodie Ladner, senior

 Bryleigh Bozarth, junior

 Alexander Kuhn, junior

 Catherine LaRue, junior

 Vanessa Hogg, sophomore

 Marisol Tolan, junior

 Grace Cole, sophomore

 Mirsa Campos, junior

 Skylan Wagner, junior

 Kayla Delfs, sophomore

 Isabella Carazzai, junior

 Ethan Lagahid, junior

 Savannah Guy, sophomore

 Lindsay Braun, sophomore

 Alexia Briggs, sophomore

 Tayler North, senior

 Hailey Burke, sophomore

 Joseph Brown, sophomore

 Breana Tiffany, sophomore

 Jasmine Lang, sophomore

 Hayley Henry, junior

 Jett Terrill, sophomore

 Jetta Floro, sophomore

 Hailey Cox, sophomore

Mikaela Hanson, sophomore


Anonymous said...

Ladner's is nice.
The others are well thought out too.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. These photos are beautiful. What a talented group of students!