New Work: Digital Photography 1

The 2013-14 school year is almost at its end.  Throughout the year there have been 7 sections of Digital Photography 1 with almost 160 students!  Each student is required to complete a total of 8 projects with 2 images per project.  That is practically (wait while I do the math...) 2500 images that were printed this year!!  Good thing I work with Epson printers.  Built to last (as I knock on wood).

Though there are still a couple of classes that will turn in their final projects this week, I have already selected 30 pieces that were created over the course of the semester.  I hope you have enjoyed the galleries of images that have been shared this year.  I know the students enjoy seeing their photographs displayed for all to see...whether they tell me or not.


 D'Ante Lamb, sophomore

 Samantha Wright, senior

 Ellen Wenger, sophomore

 Bruce Gonzales, sophomore

 Jonny Appelhanz, sophomore

 Brady Teneyck, junior

 Drew Dahm, junior

 Brooke Province, sophomore

 Hannah Garrard, sophomore

 Jocelyn Canales, junior

 Adrian Aguilar, junior

 Aubri Dawson, sophomore

 Bethany Bircher, senior

 Kayla Morrow, junior

 Taylor Martinak, sophomore

 McKenna Sawyer, sophomore

 Illena Arellano, junior

 Makayla Heald, junior

 Conner O'Brien, junior

 Alea Utz, junior

 Taylor Contreras, sophomore

 Robyn Morrow, sophomore

 William Bach, junior

 Kaela Boeselager, junior

 Kelsie Pase, sophomore

 Monica West, sophomore

 Jesus Rodriguez, sophomore

 Rider Heymans, sophomore

 Hunter Akers, sophomore

Amayrany Galvez, junior


2014 Seniors: Farewell

A quick thank you to the 2014 graduating seniors that helped to make Topeka West the most talented, creative, and fantastic photography program in northeast Kansas!!  I'll let their parting photos speak for themselves......enjoy!!

 Klaloc Arzate, senior

 Byron Ashley, senior

 Natiya Bisnauth, senior

 Ian Bolok, senior

 Tharin Brown, senior

 Katrina Chitwood, senior

 Justin Cochran, senior

Fabian Correa, senior

 Drew Dickes, senior

 Mikaela Gibbs, senior

 Jenna Glaze, senior

 Kasey Helms, senior

 Kodie Hufford, senior

 Tyler Johnson, senior

 Caitlin King, senior

 Kelly King, senior

 Brenton Lambert, senior

 Danielle Locey, senior

 Kennadi Michael, senior

 Tressa Sands, senior

 Jared Scrinopskie, senior

 Patience Simpson, senior

 McKenzie Steinbock, senior

 Audrey Steves, senior

 Andrew Tenholder, senior

 Taylor Trauthwein, senior