New Work: Digital Photography 1

I am overly impressed with the progress that the Digital Photography 1 students are making this semester.  Their images show a wide range of creativity, craftsmanship, and diversity of subjects for such a small group of students.  I am excited to see what they have in store for the remainder of the semester!  As always, please enjoy this small selection of work and be sure to leave a comment or mention their image if you also have the student in class.   I am sure they would greatly appreciate the kudos!

 Hunter Akers, sophomore

 Brady Teneyck, junior

 Taylor Martinak, sophomore

 Brooke Province, sophomore

 Samantha Wright, senior

 Kaela Boeselager, junior

 Conner O'Brien, junior

 Jesus Rodriguez, sophomore

 Sara Coen, sophomore

 Illena Arellano, junior

 Adrian Aguilar, junior

 Makayla Heald, junior

 Alanie Stalcup, junior

 Drew Dahm, junior

 Parker Erikson, sophomore

 Adrianna Zuniga, junior

 Derek Wood, senior

 Bruce Gonzales, sophomore

 Emily Jacobson, sophomore

 Kelsie Pase, sophomore

 Ben Hawkins, senior

 William Bach, junior

 Taylor Contreras, sophomore

 Alea Utz, junior

Alex Amyx, sophomore

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