New Work: Digital Photography 2 & Advanced Photography

With the series of second critiques completed earlier this week it is easily apparent how far the students' ideas have matured in just a couple of short months.  I greatly appreciate how the digital photography and advanced photography students respect the high levels of creativity, craftsmanship, and self-reflection that I have come to expect each and every semester.  This current gallery of work, yet again, proves why Topeka West continues to have the best photography program in Topeka!

 Tyler Johnson, senior          Advanced Photography, iPhone

 Tyler North, junior          Digital Photography 2, Nature project

 Rylan Prieb, sophomore          Digital Photography 2, Low Light project

 Drew Dickes, senior          Advanced Photography, HDR

 Fabian Correa, senior          Advanced Photography, Portraiture

 Laura Dicus, junior          Digital Photography 2, Letters/Numbers project

 Klaloc Arzate, senior          Advanced Photography, Low Light project

 Caitlin King, senior          Advanced Photography, Self-Portrait project

 Jared Scrinopskie, senior          Advanced Photography, HDR

 Denilson Lopez, sophomore          Digital Photography 2, HDR project

 Katelyn Craig, junior          Advanced Photography, Depth of Field

 Kelly King, senior          Advanced Photography, Image Transfer on Jersey

 Ian Bolok, senior          Advanced Photography, Color Splash

 Christina Morrissey, junior          Advanced Photography, Macro

 Brent Lambert, senior          Advanced Photography, Black & White

 Alex Gourlay, junior          Digital Photography 2, Nature Project

Makayla Auldridge, junior          Advanced Photography, Abstract project



csturge said...

This is the second post from Correa that was kind of documentary portraiture. I'm impressed that this young man seems to have developed a style. Well done Topeka West Photo!!

csturge said...
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Anonymous said...

Some stunning pieces here. Kudos. - Gary Piland, Umbrella

Unknown said...

These are spectacular photos. Great job!

Eileen Caspers