New Work: Digital Photography 1

Though this semester's classes are slightly smaller and there is one less section of Digital Photography 1 compared to last semester, the students have been extremely excited to get out of the class room and start shooting photos for their first assignments.  The days have been cool but there has been plenty of sunshine!

So far I have been more than impressed with their creativity of ideas and willingness to critique their own images.  I am sure that you will enjoy this gallery of work along with several more throughout the remainder of the semester!!

 Andrew Harter, sophomore

 Taylor Martinak, sophomore

Shannon Hill, sophomore

Drew Dahm, junior

Kaela Boeselager, junior

 Kayla Morrow, junior

 Brady Teneyck, junior

 Hannah Baker, junior

 Jocelyn Canales, junior

 William Bach, junior

 Brooke Province, sophomore

 McKenna Sawyer, sophomore

 Alanie Stalcup, junior

 Makayla Heald, junior

 Sara Coen, sophomore

 Robyn Morrow, sophomore

 Dalton Sutherland, junior

 Aubri Dawson, sophomore

 Adrian Aguilar, junior

 Ellen Wenger, sophomore

 Bruce Gonzales, sophomore

 Alex Amyx, sophomore

 Nirali Desai, sophomore

 Emily Jacobson, sophomore

Bethany Bircher, senior

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