New Work: Digital Photography 1

As the Fall 2013 semester came to a close I promised the Digital Photography 1 students I would make one last post showing off their work.  I had a TON of images to choose from!  Normally, I keep the number of images to 25 with previous posts, but this time I had quite a bit of difficulty narrowing them down.  So please enjoy this gallery of 32 photos that is literally the best of the semester!!

Jaymee Stickley, sophomore

 Laura Dicus, junior

 Camille Parman, sophomore

 Emreec Smith, junior

 Sydney Heinen, junior

 Emily Hodge, sophomore

 Alex Gourlay, junior

 Jasmin Hahn, junior

 Jackie Pierron, junior

 Jaycie Collins, junior

 Sydney Haugh, sophomore

Dakota Bean, sophomore

 Austin Tiffany, senior

 Megan Overstreet, junior


 Rylan Prieb, sophomore

Callie Frizzell, junior

 Hannah Alexander, junior

Lilly Doty, sophomore

Gusti Andracana, junior

Madison Lowrey, sophomore

Regan Braun, junior

 Denilson Lopez, sophomore

 Brittany Cooper, sophomore

 Alan Moreno, junior

Sara Strouse, junior

Salem Eichelberger, sophomore

Tyler North, junior

Tracen Ruby, sophomore

Addison Donohue, sophomore

Alex Reid, sophomore

Shelby Shields, junior

Levi Crespo, sophomore


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