New Work: Digital Photography 1

The amount of work this semester's students are creating is astronomical.  So far, between four sections of Digital Photography 1 classes, the students have printed out over a thousand photos!!  They continue to capture creative and high-quality images that will, once again, knock your socks off!  View the gallery below to see for yourself...and remember, click on the images to see them at actual size.

 Taylor Trauthwein, senior

 Chase Schulman, sophomore

 Laura Dicus, junior

 Sara Strouse, junior

 Jaycee Moran, sophomore

Rylan Prieb, sophomore

 Camille Parman, sophomore

 Tyler North, junior

 Chloe Spees, junior

 Hannah Alexander, junior

 Payton Moss, junior

Tracen Ruby, sophomore

 Victoria Houser, senior

 Jasmin Hahn, junior

 Erica Zapata, sophomore

 Chelsei Snoe, senior

 Charles Kuhn, junior

Thaina Austin, sophomore

 McKenzie Steinbock, senior

 Jennifer Gamblian, sophomore

 Jaymee Stickley, sophomore

 Auja'nai Cooper, sophomore

 Alyssa Gentry, sophomore

 Dylan Lierz, junior

Mia Branson, sophomore

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