New Work: Digital Photography 1

Wow!  This semester's Digital Photography 1 students are continuing to create some fantastic images!!  We've had some printer issues the last couple of weeks, but hopefully that will be rectified by the time they return from Thanksgiving break.  And, maybe, a little bit nicer weather to finish up the semester....keeping our fingers crossed!

Jackie Pierron, junior

 Rylan Prieb, sophomore

 Laura Dicus, junior

 Sydney Haugh, sophomore

 John Alejos, junior

 Madison Lowrey, sophomore

 Jasmin Hahn, junior

 Haley Justus, sophomore

 Jaden Titsworth, sophomore

 Denilson Lopez, sophomore

 Bayleigh Cope, junior

 Kennedy McDaniel, junior

 Chelsei Snoe, senior

 Alex Gourlay, junior

 Eddie Heinisch, junior

 Payton Moss, junior

 Jaycie Collins, junior

 Adriana Lane, sophomore

 Megan Overstreet, junior

 Tyler North, junior

 Jonathan Williams, sophomore

 Ty'a Lamb, sophomore

 Shelby Shields, junior

 Courtney Watkins, junior

 Kegan Love, junior


New Work: Digital Photography 2

Yes...there is also a Digital Photography 2 class this semester!  With only 4 enrolled students this class is one of my favorites.  The amount of time spent on one-to-one teaching is very refreshing!

I assume that this small-class luxury will be short-lived as more and more students will be passing from Digital Photography 1 into Digital Photography 2 starting next semester.  But, for now, please enjoy the images from these four outstanding students!

Cheyenne Johnson, junior:  colorized black & white image

Cheyenne Johnson, junior:  photography magazine cover

Cheyenne Johnson, junior:  HDR (high dynamic range) photography

Caitlin King, senior:  colorized black & white image

Caitlin King, senior:  photography magazine cover

Caitlin King, senior:  HDR (high dynamic range) photography

Brenton Lambert, senior:  colorized black & white image

Brenton Lambert, senior:  photography magazine cover

Brenton Lambert, senior:  HDR (high dynamic range) photography

Esteban Tetuan, junior:  colorized black & white image

Esteban Tetuan, junior:  photography magazine cover


New Work: Digital Photography 1

More than half of the semester has come and gone and the Digital Photography 1 students are on a roll!  They are producing spectacular images even though the change in the weather has greatly inhibited their enjoyment of getting outside during class time.

Please enjoy this gallery of photographs and feel free to share the link with all of your friends, family, acquaintances, and fellow co-workers!  Here is a quick link that you can copy and paste to Twitter, Facebook, etc.:  http://bit.ly/1egd4KH

(Next week the advanced photography class will hold their third critique of the semester, so be on the look-out for another gallery of their images soon.)

 Nathan Hacker, junior

 Rylan Prieb, sophomore

 Aprille Sterrett, junior

 Andrew Larsen, senior

 Sara Strouse, junior

 Josh Scheck, sophomore

 Bayleigh Cope, junior

 Taylor Trauthwein, senior

 Jaymee Stickley, sophomore

 Adrian Agosto, sophomore

 Lilly Doty, sophomore

 Andrew Harter, sophomore

 Emily Hodge, sophomore

 Alyssa Gentry, sophomore

 Sammy Cabrera, sophomore

 Sydney Haugh, sophomore

 Veronika Wagner, sophomore

 Madeline Rivera, sophomore

 Hannah Alexander, junior

 Thania Austin, sophomore

 Tyler North, junior

 Kennedy McDaniel, junior

 Arlene, Quintana, sophomore

 Tracen Ruby, sophomore

Victoria Houser, senior