New Work: Digital Photography 1

The first semester of Digital Photography 1 replacing (traditional film) Photography 1 is going much much smoother than anticipated.  Though the students are slightly disappointed that they are missing out on the "dark room experience", the images they are producing are creative and dynamic!!

Please enjoy this small selection of photographs from Digital Photography 1...there will be many, many more galleries to come!

Austin Tiffany, senior

Callie Frizzell, junior

Emreec Smith, junior

McKenzie Steinbock, senior

Jaymee Stickley, sophomore

Sara Strouse, junior

John Pfannenstiel, junior

John Alejos, junior

Camille Parman, sophomore

Alan Moreno, junior

Laura Dicus, junior

Taylor Trauthwein, senior

Katie Allen, junior

Alex Reid, sophomore

Danielle Rivera, sophomore

Gusti Andracana, junior

Chloe Spees, junior

Dylan Lierz, junior

Rylan Prieb, sophomore

Hannah Alexander, junior

Sean Trail, junior

Regan Braun, junior

Jaden Titsworth, sophomore

Dakota Bean, sophomore

Gavin Alejos, senior


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