New Work: Advanced Photography

Half-way through the semester and the advanced photography students have already participated in their 2nd critique!  We had the honor of having our principal, Jeanne Carton, attend a portion of this critique and she was amazed by both the artistic level of the students' images and the maturity that the students spoke about their work and others.

"The climate of the classroom was very comfortable, anticipatory, and inviting.  I could tell by the way students responded that you have set the stage where students feel safe to share, not only their presentations but feedback to other students.  The classroom is obviously characterized by a culture for learning.  Students want to improve, they want to hone their craft, and they want to grow as photographers."  - Topeka West principal Jeanne Carton

Thank you Ms. Carton for your inspiring words and thank you all for your continued support of the Topeka West photography program!  Now, enjoy the photos!!

 Tressa Sands, senior

 Natiya Bisnauth, senior

 Tharin Brown, senior

 Jared Scrinopskie, senior

 Drew Dickes, senior

 Molly Taggart, junior

 Taylor Trauthwein, senior

 Katelyn Craig, junior

 Christina Morrissey, junior

 Kanesha Hinnant, junior

Audrey Steves, senior


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Jenny Prichard said...

Tharin's composition was enthralling. I liked the architectural features of Jared, Aubrey, Molly, Tressa and Drew's work.