New Work: Advanced Photography

The 2013-2014 school year is off to a fantastic start!  Though there is only one section of advanced photography this semester, the students are highly motivated and creatively gifted!

There is also a section of Digital Photography 2 whose work I will be presenting in a few weeks, as well as four (!) sections of Digital Photography 1.  I'm looking forward to showing off their first projects!

But, for now, please enjoy images from Advanced Photography's first critique of the semester!
(click on the photographs to enlarge for a better view)

 Jared Scrinopskie, senior

 Drew Dickes, senior

 Taylor Trauthwein, senior

Jenna Glaze, senior

 Fabian Correa, senior

 Mikaela Gibbs, senior

 Tressa Sands, senior

Justin Cochran, senior

 Molly Taggart, junior

Tucker Smith, junior