IPPA 7th Annual iPhone Photography Awards

iPhone Photography Awards™ (IPPAWARDS) is the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition since 2007.  IPPAWARDS has been celebrating the creativity of the iPhone users since the first iPhone has inspired, excited and engaged the users worldwide.  Since then every year, IPPAWARDS has selected the best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from 38 countries around the world.  Winners are selected by the jury members in several steps and The Photographer of the Year prize awarded.  All winners are published online and will be part of The IPPAWARDS Interactive Annual series of books on iTunes.

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100cameras (Update)

Near the end of summer 2012 I started a local campaign to raise money for 100cameras, an organization that I had read about on CNN.com (http://twestphotosynthesis.blogspot.com/2012/08/empowering-children-through-photography.html).  With the incredible help of the Topeka West faculty, staff, and especially our students we raised over $500, enough to enroll in 100cameras' Adopt-a-Camera program!

During this past summer I was informed that our donation helped a young Indian boy, Thangapandi, learn about himself and his community through the art of photography:
"True to his name, which means the Gold King, he exudes an effervescence.  Losing both parents and facing severe illness, Thangapandi came to the Russ Home and was nurtured back to health in a loving and safe environment.  In his own fashion, always finding his own rhythm, photography is a new outlet to share his personal style.  He has managed to photograph over 1,000 images and the results are wonderful.  Thangapandi's images are playful but this playfulness is translated into images that are technically and compositionally sound."

I also received a very thoughtful and heart-warming thank-you note from the 100cameras team:
"Thank you for adopting a camera for our recent project in Madurai, India.  Your gift gave Thangapandi the opportunity to join our unique photojournalism course!  By giving him a camera, Jansi learned that his perspective is important and can make a difference in improving their community's healthcare.  Enclosed is a short biography & sampling of his portfolio.  We hope you enjoy!
This project truly wouldn't have been possible without your support, and we are so grateful that you have joined our mission!  Looking forward to keeping you updated all things 100cameras!"  --Kari Ann & 100cameras Team

Once again, I would like to thank everyone that donated to this worthwhile cause!  Please enjoy several photos from Thangapandi's portfolio...