New Work: Digital Photography 1

As the 2012-13 school year winds to a close, I thought it appropriate to exhibit one last gallery of images from this semester's Digital Photography 1 students.  The end of this semester also marks the end of traditional film photography for our beginning photography students.  Next semester will see a dramatic increase in the number of students taking Digital Photography 1.  It is certainly a bittersweet ending to the curriculum that I have been teaching for the past 17 years.  Students have definitely found traditional film photography both fun and challenging, but this year's Digital Photography 1 students created fantastic portfolios and learned a life-long skill that they can carry with them long after graduation!

 Caitlin King, junior

 Chai Stano, sophomore

 Rachel Johnson, senior

 Baylee Parson, sophomore

 Cheyenne Johnson, sophomore

 Tyrell Juarez, sophomore

 Alayne Weber, senior

 Jordynn Moore, sophomore

 Kanen McMurray, sophomore

 Kanesha Hinnant, sophomore

Jason Neal, sophomore

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