New Work: Digital Photography 1

This spring semester is starting to liven up!  The weather is turning warmer and most of the students across all photography classes are out enjoying the sunshine and producing some pretty incredible images!!

Though Digital Photography 1 is a small class, I'm liking the one-on-one time I get to spend with each student.  Starting next August the traditional photography classes (i.e. film) will no longer be offered as a course at Topeka West.  Students will enroll in Digital Photography instead and most of the work coming out of the photography program will be digital.  This a huge change to our program...but change is good!

Please enjoy this small selection from the Digital Photography 1 class!

 Baylee Parsons, sophomore

 Jordynn Moore, sophomore

 Alayne Weber, senior

Cheyenne Johnson, sophomore

 Caitlin King, junior

 Rachel Johnson, senior

 Kanesha Hinnant, sophomore

Tyrell Juarez, sophomore

 Chai Stano, sophomore

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