4-Gigapixel Mars Panorama Created Using 407 Photos

[via PetaPixel] "By putting together 407 photos taken by both the Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) and Medium Angle Camera (MAC) on Curiosity, Andrew Bodrov has created the amazing 4-gigapixel 360-degree panorama you see below. A panorama so vast it’ll make you feel like you’re using street view on Mars (something Google’s probably already working on … ).

The panorama was put together using 295 images from the NAC (100mm focal length) and 112 images from MAC (34mm focal length). The photos — which include a view of Mount Sharp similar to the one we’ve seen before were taken on Mars solar days 136-149, with the MAC’s entire contribution coming on solar day 137."

Take a look at this incredible panorama -----> HERE!!

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