4-Gigapixel Mars Panorama Created Using 407 Photos

[via PetaPixel] "By putting together 407 photos taken by both the Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) and Medium Angle Camera (MAC) on Curiosity, Andrew Bodrov has created the amazing 4-gigapixel 360-degree panorama you see below. A panorama so vast it’ll make you feel like you’re using street view on Mars (something Google’s probably already working on … ).

The panorama was put together using 295 images from the NAC (100mm focal length) and 112 images from MAC (34mm focal length). The photos — which include a view of Mount Sharp similar to the one we’ve seen before were taken on Mars solar days 136-149, with the MAC’s entire contribution coming on solar day 137."

Take a look at this incredible panorama -----> HERE!!


New Work: Digital Photography 1

This spring semester is starting to liven up!  The weather is turning warmer and most of the students across all photography classes are out enjoying the sunshine and producing some pretty incredible images!!

Though Digital Photography 1 is a small class, I'm liking the one-on-one time I get to spend with each student.  Starting next August the traditional photography classes (i.e. film) will no longer be offered as a course at Topeka West.  Students will enroll in Digital Photography instead and most of the work coming out of the photography program will be digital.  This a huge change to our program...but change is good!

Please enjoy this small selection from the Digital Photography 1 class!

 Baylee Parsons, sophomore

 Jordynn Moore, sophomore

 Alayne Weber, senior

Cheyenne Johnson, sophomore

 Caitlin King, junior

 Rachel Johnson, senior

 Kanesha Hinnant, sophomore

Tyrell Juarez, sophomore

 Chai Stano, sophomore


New Work: Advanced Photography

It is already half-way through Topeka West's spring semester and (as usual) the advanced photography students are creating incredibly spectacular images!!  Please enjoy a small sampling from the two critiques that took place last week.  And, remember, you can click on any image to see it bigger or to start a slideshow of the photographs!

 Clayton Werner, senior

 Brenton Lambert, junior

 Tyler Johnson, junior

 Patrick Lacy, senior

 Melanie Yates, senior

 Andrew Tenholder, junior

 Jared Scrinopskie, junior

 Tharin Brown, junior

 Kelly King, junior

 Carson Taggart, senior

 Katrina Chitwood, junior

 McKenzie Steinbock, junior

 Kyler Collins, senior

                                                            Aprille Sterrett, sophomore