Street Photography: The Secret Life of Vivian Maier

I've never been a huge fan of street photography.  I have always felt that it was rather invasive, even though the subjects are captured in open public spaces.  That is, until I read a story about a very unknown street photographer who led a very private life as a nanny.  But, on her off hours, she was an incredibly talented and highly creative photographer that shot thousands of images and left behind a treasure-trove of both developed and undeveloped film rolls that were just waiting to be found by the right person.

That person is John Maloof, a real-estate agent that purchased a box containing 30,000 (!) negatives at an estate sale.  His discovery opened a new and never-before-seen chapter into the art of street photography starring Vivian Maier.

For two years John Maloof has been trying to get Vivian's story to the world.  Now his wish is coming true.  A film of Vivian Maier's life, and work, will be released soon!

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