Is EyeEm the new Instagram?

Have you heard of EyeEm?  Maybe you will soon. 

Instagram, the free photo-sharing behemoth, created quite the stir in its community late last year by trying to quietly change its user agreement so that the owner of Instagram (Mark Zuckerburg, who created Facebook) could profit from its users' images.  Almost overnight millions of Instagram users saved their image feeds and deleted their accounts...a mass exodus, if you will.

Bad business decisions open big doors for small start-up apps and many post-Instagram users are finding refuge with EyeEm.  But can this app fill Instagram's larger-than-life shoes?  Read through a couple of articles (listed below) and then check out the app for yourself (available FREE for the iPhone and Android platforms)!

EyeEm vs Instagram; Which is Better for Sharing Photos?

4 Ways EyeEm Beats Instagram

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