New Work: Digital Photography 1

As the end of the semester, and the conclusion of the very first semester of Digital Photography 1, draws near, I can honestly say that this has been a fantastic class to begin the transition from film to digital photography for beginning photography students!

Please enjoy the gallery of new images and I hope you are looking forward to seeing more from these talented students next semester!

Hazara Leon, senior

 Chelsea Thatcher, senior

 Louis Nava Ramirez, senior

Kodie Hufford, junior

 Chelsie Wilson, sophomore

 Destinee' Wheat, junior

 Kasey Helms, junior

 Kyler Collins, senior

 Taylor Hollis, junior

 Flo Hummel, senior

 Klayton Edwards, senior

 Justin Cochran, junior

 Patrick Lacy, senior

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