Racing with Legos!!

Hyundai has just released a commercial showcasing their new Veloster Turbo racing on a landscape made entirely out of Legos!  The commercial was created using stop-motion photography...1000s of photographs shown in rapid succession.  I realize that this commercial doesn't have much to do about photography...but it was too fun not to share!!


New Work: Advanced Photography

Critique #3 is already over? This semester is definitely flying by! The advanced photography students are determined to out-photograph one another...creating, yet another, spectacular gallery of images!

 Taryn Wilkerson, senior

 Carson Taggart, senior

 Jaron McConnell, junior

 Hannah Simmonds, senior

 Danielle Phelps, senior

 Klayton Edwards, senior

 Patrick Lacy, senior

 Tressa Sands, junior

 Kasey Helms, junior

 Melanie Yates, senior

 Tharin Brown, junior

 Flo Hummel, senior


Bryan Adams: Behind the Lens

Bryan Adams (yes, THAT Bryan Adams), famous for his 1980's hits Cuts Like a Knife and Summer of '69, has been a celebrated portrait photographer for years.  Enjoy this short video about Adams' career, his photography, and why he is more comfortable behind the lens.


New Work: Digital Photography 1

This semester marks a turning-point for the Topeka West photography program.  A new class has started titled Digital Photography 1.  All the same photography concepts learned in Photography 1 are being taught, but instead of using film and the dark rooms students are learning on a digital SLR and Adobe Photoshop.  Students are also encouraged to use their own digital point-and-shoot cameras or their cell phone cameras.  The idea is that art can be created on multiple digital platforms.

This semester's class is small (compared to my traditional Photography 1 classes) but, in time, many more sections of Digital Photography 1 will be offered.  So enjoy this small collection of images from a very unique class!

Kyler Collins, senior

Kasey Helms, junior

Destinee' Wheat, junior

Klayton Edwards, senior

Hazara Leon, senior

Chelsea Thatcher, senior

Patrick Lacy, senior

Chelsie Wilson, sophomore

Flo Hummel, senior

Justin Cochran, junior

Louis Nava Rimirez, senior

Kodie Hufford, junior

Taylor Hollis, junior