Thinking of Buying a Camera?

So you are thinking about buying a digital camera.  Where do you start?  There are so many to choose!

Point-and-shoot cameras
Digital SLRs
Mirrorless cameras
Camera phones.....Which one is going to work the best for YOU?

To help save you time and money by purchasing a camera that is within your price-range and will capture the images you are seeking, information is the key.  Know the market and you will be able to fine-tune what it is you are exactly looking for.

Start by reading Buying a Camera:  Everything You Need to Know on theverge.com.  It is a very insightful article covering a ton of subjects such as

camera types
aperture and shutter speed settings
sensor size
ISO settings
white balance
and many more basics to start you on your life-long journey through the art of photography!!

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