New Work: Advanced Photography

It is hard to believe that the 1st quarter has passed so quickly!  This semester's advanced photography students are grinding away and creating some spectacular work that easily maintains the level of expertise that Topeka West High School has become to be known for.  See for yourself!

 Patrick Lacy, senior

 Jed Cromer, senior

 Kaitlyn Evans, senior

 Gunnar Martin, senior

 Nick Brosemer, senior

 Klayton Edwards, senior

 Rebekah Harding, senior

 Kyler Collins, senior

 Flo Hummel, senior

 Alex Lewis, senior

 Ashia Gordon, senior

 Courtny Lane, senior

 Melanie Yates, senior

 Tharin Brown, junior

 Danielle Locey, junior

Natiya Bisnauth, junior


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