Fear Factory

Just in time for Halloween...and, to make you laugh!  Located in Niagara Falls, Canada, Nightmares Fear Factory has created a hilarious souvenir for their guests. 

At one point in the attraction [...] the groups come to a spot where they trigger a Nikon D80 camera and flash at the exact moment where they encounter some unknown fright that is so scary it provokes grown men to hide behind their wives and friends to jump into each other’s arms.  The idea for the photos was inspired by photos of people yelling as they ride rollercoasters.

The idea for the images was so successful that Fear Factory created a Flickr account to share all the horror and fun.  Click -----> here to view more!!

and my personal favorite...



New Work: Advanced Photography

It is hard to believe that the 1st quarter has passed so quickly!  This semester's advanced photography students are grinding away and creating some spectacular work that easily maintains the level of expertise that Topeka West High School has become to be known for.  See for yourself!

 Patrick Lacy, senior

 Jed Cromer, senior

 Kaitlyn Evans, senior

 Gunnar Martin, senior

 Nick Brosemer, senior

 Klayton Edwards, senior

 Rebekah Harding, senior

 Kyler Collins, senior

 Flo Hummel, senior

 Alex Lewis, senior

 Ashia Gordon, senior

 Courtny Lane, senior

 Melanie Yates, senior

 Tharin Brown, junior

 Danielle Locey, junior

Natiya Bisnauth, junior



Thinking of Buying a Camera?

So you are thinking about buying a digital camera.  Where do you start?  There are so many to choose!

Point-and-shoot cameras
Digital SLRs
Mirrorless cameras
Camera phones.....Which one is going to work the best for YOU?

To help save you time and money by purchasing a camera that is within your price-range and will capture the images you are seeking, information is the key.  Know the market and you will be able to fine-tune what it is you are exactly looking for.

Start by reading Buying a Camera:  Everything You Need to Know on theverge.com.  It is a very insightful article covering a ton of subjects such as

camera types
aperture and shutter speed settings
sensor size
ISO settings
white balance
and many more basics to start you on your life-long journey through the art of photography!!