[via Gizmodo]:  Kodak is Selling Off Its Legendary Film Business

Kodak is really closing out its era as a photographic monolith, opting to sell off its film business entirely. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Kodak will not only sell its print film production, but also its digital imaging kiosks, and the printers and scanners that go with them.

Following its bankruptcy claim, Kodak had initially hoped to pay back the banks it owed by selling off part of its patent portfolio. But amid delays, Kodak realized they weren't going to make enough to cover the costs. The company hopes that by selling off it's personal imaging division and moving towards becoming a printer business, it can regain some of its mojo. Consider us a little sad, a little nostalgic, and very much pessimistic that printers can save anyone in 2012.

[via Mr. Berryman]:  "Where am I going to get film for my Photo 1 classes??"


Caitlin said...

One more step toward a world of totally digital photography. I'm so glad I have lived during a time I have had easy access to black and white film and a darkroom. Thanks for providing that opportunity - I hope you can find a way to keep doing that for your students.

Dylan said...

I agree with Caitlin!.. Thank you Berryman!
It's too bad there will be no more Kodak but hopefully there will still be a way for you to teach the 'old fashioned' photography.

erikboesephoto said...

I heard that apple was looking at buying some of kodak's patents and tech?