Empowering Children Through Photography

Last week, via cnn.com, I happened upon a wonderful story about a small, non-profit organization that is trying to help impoverished children through photography.

[via 100cameras.org] "100cameras was co-founded by four women who live in New York City on the premise that a child could take a camera inside their own community in ways that an outside photographer could not.  In late 2008, the first photography project was implemented in Sudan.  Upon completion, the first photography exhibit was hosted inside a matchbox apartment on the Upper East Side.  Over 80 people attended that evening, and interest in the project drastically grew.  Two months later, the exhibition officially launched in The Samsung Experience located in The Time Warner Center.  By spring of 2009, 100cameras was officially incorporated, and the second project was launched in NYC.  By 2010, 100cameras had hosted events across the country, and announced their third project was going to gain inside access to Cuba.  And the excitement hasn't slowed since.

This team started with a unique combination of friends with different skill sets who shared a common vision.  Through their own travel and life experiences, they have become aware of the world that exists outside their own perspective - that no matter the cultural circumstances, all humans have the right to live among justice, to live days that have food, water, shelter and sustainable health and education programs.  So they decided to pool their time, talents, and resources together to create outlets for positive change in the world through the voice of photography." 

 project001:  south sudan                         photographed by 100cameras staff

project001:  south sudan                         photographed by Jackson, age 15

project002:  new york city                         photographed by Joey, age 14

project003:  cuba                         photographed by Miriam, age 15

Pictured above is a very small selection of the photographs captured by young children and 100cameras staff in the Sudan, New York City, and Cuba.   Please take some time to look at the photographs on their site.  100% of the money made from each print is donated to programs to help these children enrich their lives.  

The next project will take place in India and starting today I am beginning a pledge to raise $500 to donate a camera (from Topeka West High School) to their next project starting in October, 2012!!  

Will you help?  email (Jason Berryman) jberryma@topeka.k12.ks.us

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