The "Lost" Photographs of Matthew Fox

[via PetaPixel] "During the filming of ABC’s television show Lost, lead actor Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard on the show, decided to create a photo book with some behind-the-scenes images of the show’s set in Oahu.

Fox’s collection is a lo-fi mix of black and white photographs and color medium format photos taken with a Holga toy camera. He features lesser-seen images taken during the making of the pilot: actress Evangeline Lilly listening to music, Josh Holloway joking around with fellow cast members and J.J. Abrams rapt in concentration on set.

In a video featured in the Lost Season One DVD extras, Fox says he was inspired to create a photo book when he heard that actor Jeff Bridges shoots panoramic stills on every film he works on and gives photo books as crew gifts."

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