The "Lost" Photographs of Matthew Fox

[via PetaPixel] "During the filming of ABC’s television show Lost, lead actor Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard on the show, decided to create a photo book with some behind-the-scenes images of the show’s set in Oahu.

Fox’s collection is a lo-fi mix of black and white photographs and color medium format photos taken with a Holga toy camera. He features lesser-seen images taken during the making of the pilot: actress Evangeline Lilly listening to music, Josh Holloway joking around with fellow cast members and J.J. Abrams rapt in concentration on set.

In a video featured in the Lost Season One DVD extras, Fox says he was inspired to create a photo book when he heard that actor Jeff Bridges shoots panoramic stills on every film he works on and gives photo books as crew gifts."


Who was Dorando Pietri? (Shooting the Olympics Part II)

When the 2012 London Summer Olympics begin in less than a week, we will be bombarded with visual images (and video...lots of video) from sports like tennis, basketball, track and field, swimming, soccer, etc.  It is always amazing to see the creativity from the photographers who cover all of these events (see previous post).

But, before all of that begins, take some time to read about the incredible tale of Italian marathon runner Dorando Pietri (the brief winner of the marathon at the 1908 London Olympics) and marvel at this amazing photograph...the first of its kind...that captured the climatic ending to a historical event.  Cameras (and film!) of the early 20th century were just starting to become fast enough for newspaper photographers to capture athletes in action.  With incredible detail we see what looks like two men helping Pietri across the finish line, who are they?  Why are so many cheering in the background?  And what does Pietri have in his hand??  Read the story behind this historic photograph -----> here (you'll be glad you did!).