Time Lapse Video

I have shared many time-lapse videos on this blog over the past couple of years, but I have never shared a time-lapse video created by one of our students.  A small handful of students have toyed around with time-lapse photography but only two advanced students have used this incredibly time-intensive technique as their curricular focus for the semester.

Isaac Hockenbarger is just about ready to finish his junior year at Topeka West and has been working with time-lapse photography during the past semester.  Isaac combines hundreds of individual photographs together in a video-editing program to create his videos.  After the video is complete he adds background music as a final touch.  For the final critique of the semester Isaac created his video using a Lomokino camera.  The Lomokino shoots 144 frames on a roll of 35mm film, creating a vintage-effect of past Super 8 video cameras.  A total of almost 400 frames were used in creating this video. 

Issac's final video was by far the best of the semester and I am extremely excited to share it with you!