New Work: Advanced Photography

Even though I have been involved with the photography program at Topeka West for over 16 years, the creativity and dedication of the advanced students always continues to amaze me!  During class the students are always sharing information, helping one another, and critiquing each others' latest creations.  I am so incredibly proud of the level of work that the students are completing and thoroughly enjoy "showing off" their stuff!  This round of images is no exception....take a look and see for yourself.

 Eric Pasley, senior

 Danielle Phelps, junior

 Alex Lewis, junior

 Jon Brooks, senior

 Rita Kerschman, junior

 Emily Ferlemann, senior

 Samantha Wise, senior

 Klayton Edwards, junior

 Genevieve Akins, sophomore

 Ashia Gordon, junior

 Trina Chitwood, sophomore

 McKenzie Steinbock, sophomore

 Sarah Press, senior

 Shelby Heydon, senior

 Tharin Brown, junior

Megan Ayers, senior


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